The Innova™ Range Brings the Outside in

By pioneering the use of fibre cement in interior residential and commercial environments, not just using it for wrapping the façade, Innova™’s range is changing perceptions across the design and construction industry. Bringing the outside in, Innova™ fibre cement introduces ‘Innova™ on the Inside’. Innova™ fibre cement is ideal for interiors as an alternative and unique approach to feature walls inside the home or office space.

Innova™’s innovative products and ideals are changing perceptions of where fibre cement cladding can be used in residential and commercial environments – not just the exterior or as a lining board in wet areas.

Innova™ aims to quash misconceptions such as ‘fibre cement is typically for exterior façades’. Innova™ is committed to changing the perception that fibre cement can only be used externally and in wet areas, increasing understanding of how fibre cement can be used in interior settings industry-wide.

Providing aesthetics and versatility in design, BGC Innova™’s broad range of fibre cement products are textured, smooth or ready for finishing on-site when other lining products need to be painted, wall-papered or tiled to achieve a visually pleasing finish.

Interior application of fibre cement: benefits, uses and design considerations

One of the main reasons architects and designers select fibre cement over other alternatives is that Innova™’s high-quality products imitate the appearance of timber, stone, or concrete but at a lower cost and with the added benefits of fibre cement.

There is a lack of information regarding the use and benefits of fibre cement in interior design. If more people knew about the benefits, interior designers would be able to make better-informed decisions about specifying Innova™ in their designs for a high-quality end product.

The same properties that make fibre cement desirable for exterior applications also make it an ideal choice for interior design, including flexibility, fast and easy installation, its mix-and-match nature to create bespoke designs and the variety of textures, colours and finishes. Explore the multipurpose use, benefits and qualities of fibre cement for interior applications for your next project.

The architectural benefits of the Innova™ range include durability and stability. The robust construction of fibre cement means it will not rot, deform, warp, or lose structural integrity.

Its fibre cement panels are water resistant too. Fibre cement is thinner than standard forms of cement, enabling wider spaces without a loss of stability or resilience. Fibre cement is also moisture-resistant and has a very high pH level, which ensures protection against mould growth.

All Innova™ products can be used as an interior application; however, the most popular products are: Intergroove™, Montage™, Stratum™ and Duragrid™.

Architectural benefits of fibre cement: interior applications

Fibre cement material is a composite of cement and cellulose fibre reinforcement. This combination makes a strong, long-lasting construction material that has found a home in many applications, especially exterior façades and interior wall linings.

Durable and stable

Fibre reinforcement contributes to the material’s strength. The robust construction of fibre cement ensures high mechanical strength and panels and boards maintain their original shape. Fibre cement is also extremely resistant to changes in the indoor environment. It will not deform, warp or lose structural integrity in dry, hot, and wet conditions. It also can hold up in cold temperatures without cracking or freezing.

Because fibre cement is resistant to rot, water damage and termites, it’s ideal for use inside the home. Innova™’s fibre cement panels are a great choice for wet areas such as laundries, kitchens, ensuite bathrooms and main bathrooms, including shower recesses, as a substrate for tiles. Additionally, fibre cement panels are suitable for high-traffic interior areas, such as corridors in places like schools or hospitals, where it’s essential for walls to stand up to wear and tear.

Fast and easy installation

Innova™’s fibre cement panels are fast and easy to install, with limited patching required when compared with other building materials. This means that there are time-saving and cost-benefits in using fibre cement in internal applications. It’s also good to know that fibre cement panels are lightweight and pre-finished panels are available.

Aesthetics and versatility in design

Fibre cement linings are a durable and stable alternative to other building materials, while fibre cement wall sheets and boards provide interior design versatility. The Innova™ range includes a wide selection of fibre cement sheet products in textured or smooth surfaces, which are available as ‘finish on site’ products or ‘pre-finished’, so there’s no need to paint, wallpaper or tile to achieve an aesthetically pleasing finish.

Fibre cement panels are available in a variety of sizes too, which enables a range of creative applications.

An added benefit is that some fibre cement products have a timber grain finish, so when installed and painted, they give the impression of timber but have the hard-wearing benefits of fibre cement.

Another feature of fibre cement board is the ability to overlay textiles on top by using an adhesive.

Fibre cement finishes range from smooth to textured and include imitation woodgrain, stone and concrete options. One of the main reasons that architects and interior designers opt for fibre cement over other low-cost alternatives is that it gives the appearance of a luxury product. It’s a high-quality product without the high cost.

Comparing fibre cement to other common interior materials

Fibre cement is superior in the following areas:

  • Versatility in texture and style allows experimentation with custom looks.
  • Longer life, with greater durability and stability.
  • Resistance to heat, fire, rotting, and moisture makes it ideal for all kinds of applications.
  • Impact and abrasion resistance ensures it does not get easily damaged.

Timber can be treated to be more fire resistant, but due to the nature of the material, it is not as fire resistant as fibre cement. Timber is also susceptible to moisture damage and vulnerable to rot and pest infestation without proper maintenance, and damaged material will have to be replaced over time.

Fibre cement, on the other hand, is a very durable cladding material and is low maintenance too. Some products across the Innova™ fibre cement range feature a timber grain finish, such as Stratum™ and Montage™. When installed and painted, these give the impression of timber but have the hard-wearing benefits of fibre cement.

Feature versatile, durable Innova™ products in your next project

Innova™’s broad range of fibre cement boards and sheets are available in a selection of finishes and textures and are ideal for interior applications, providing aesthetic and versatility in design and enabling the creation of bespoke designs. Feature Innova™ products on the inside of your next project.

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