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Easy to install flooring substrates

Quick and easy to apply to timber or steel, BGC Fibre Cement is perfect for all forms of building and construction – residential, commercial, industrial and institutional. Dimensionally stable, BGC Fibre Cement products are tremendously flexible, with no loss of the inherent qualities for which Fibre Cement is so highly regarded.

An advantage of Fibre Cement is that because the raw materials mix can vary, finished products possess a number of characteristics with a wide range of applications.

Fibre Cement - Compressed


High-density BGC Compressed Fibre Cement sheeting is a superlative substrate for interior floors in framed-construction wet areas. Fine for upper storeys and transportable buildings, it’s equally suited for use in the cladding of exterior decks.

BGC Compressed Fibre Cement sheeting is manufactured from cement, finely-ground silica, cellulose fibres and water. After forming, we compress the sheeting to high density, then cure it in a high-pressure steam autoclave for an exceptionally durable, fit-for-purpose product.

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