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You’d be surprised how much of an impact a good floor has. After all, it is the foundation of every room and subject to the greatest amount of wear and tear due to traffic, spills and furniture. BGC Fibre Cement knows this. That’s why BGC floor products encompass a wide range of corporate, commercial, industrial and residential flooring substrate applications – interior and exterior.

Each product is perfect for laying top-quality flooring, with styles ranging from traditional to contemporary. What goes on top of our flooring substrates is a wide variety of designs to suit all tastes.

Innova Durafloor

You’ll be floored!

Innova™ knows that while everyone notices a nicely laid floor, very few understand what it takes to deliver such appealing and beautiful results without compromising on quality and longevity. BGC floor products encompass a wide range of corporate, commercial, industrial and residential flooring substrate applications. BGC flooring substrates balance form and function – perfect for any floor, whether it’s in an interior wet area or part of an exterior sundeck or balcony. 

Still, a gorgeous interior design doesn’t stop with walls and structural flourishes. Without an equally attractive, functional floor, the room will feel unfinished, inconsistent and improperly implemented. BGC substrates are specially designed for all types of internal and external flooring – combining aesthetics with easy installation and long-lasting strength to give you a solid floor with a perfect finish. BGC flooring substrates balance form and function – perfect for any floor, whether it’s in an interior wet area or part of an exterior sundeck or balcony.

Innova DurafloorTM and BGC Compressed fibre cement sheeting are comprised of high-quality, finely-ground silica, cellulose, cement and water. Subjected to compression and high-pressure curing, the fibre cement sheeting develops its industry-leading durability and strength. With our commitment to quality materials and exceptional standards, BGC fibre cement flooring options give any room the handsome and sturdy foundation it deserves.

Whatever your design, whatever the architectural purpose, Innova™ and BGC Fibre Cement are here to make sure you meet – even exceed – your highest standards and instil elegance and quality into any project. Wherever you are New Zealand, we can help you fulfil your desired outcomes and incorporate your artistic intents. With BGC fibre cement sheeting, you will be creating floors that will make everyone want to keep their feet firmly on the ground! It is part of BGC’s dedication to smart and beautiful construction that moves the industry towards environmental consciousness and a more aesthetic eye.

Our Product Range

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Innova Durafloor


Your ultimate flooring solution for premium quality, form and function.

Fibre Cement - Compressed

BGC Fibre Cement

BGC flooring substrates balance form and function – perfect for any floor.

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