Montage™ is a versatile fibre cement facade system that can be used both externally and internally. It’s pre-formed, pre-finished and non-combustible, making it a durable, safe and aesthetic addition to your project.

With a colour palette carefully considered to be blended or contrasted, you’ll have an array of options to play with. The deep form embossed into the panels also creates a striking effect, making your project stand out from the streetscape.

Features & Benefits

What’s good about the Montage™ facade system:

  • 4 finishes available – Concrete, Slimline Tile, Stackstone and Woodgrain
  • Lightweight and easy to install
  • Perfect for internal or external installation
  • Pre-finished using a multiple coat finishing system
  • Fully sealed panels that are weather resistant and won’t rot or burn

Concrete Profile

For an urban appeal, try our Concrete range. These concrete look panels provide a chic, industrial appearance, and come in 3 profiles: Smooth Plain; Rectangle with Circle and; Square with Circle.

Slimlime Tile Profile

The Slimline Tile range provides a smart, organised look with colours that blend subtly. Choose from 4 contemporary colours: Limestone; Sandstone; Basalt and; Onyx.

Stackstone Profile

One of our most popular options, the Stackstone exudes a traditional, natural feel. It’s fast and easy to install. Available in 4 versatile colours: Limestone; Sandstoney; Basalt and; Onyx.

Woodgrain Profile

Our Woodgrain range emulates the texture of real timber, achieved through a deep emboss. Available in 4 colours, this is the perfect option for a natural look: Light Teak; Dark Mahogany; Grey Oak and; Black Oak.

Size & Thickness

Thickness mm
Weight kg/m2
Width mm
Length mm
Concrete – Square with Circle
Concrete – Rectangle with Circle
Concrete – Smooth Plain
Slimline Tile – Limestone
Slimline Tile – Sandstone
Slimline Tile – Basalt
Slimline Tile – Onyx
Stackstone – Limestone
Stackstone – Sandstone
Stackstone – Basalt
Stackstone – Onyx
Woodgrain – Light Teak
Woodgrain – Dark Mahogany
Woodgrain – Grey Oak
Woodgrain – Black Oak

Technical Drawings

Montage™ Horizontal

EH3 – Wall Layout – Montage Horizontal
EH3a – 2 Story Wall Layout – Montage Horizontal
EH4 – External Corner Preformed – Montage Horizontal
EH4a – External Corner Aluminium – Montage Horizontal
EH5 – Control Joint Detail – Montage Horizontal
EH6 – Internal Corner Detail – Montage Horizontal
EH8 – Interstory Control Joint Detail – Montage Horizontal
EH12 – Meterbox Detail – Montage Horizontal
EH14 – Slab Detail – Montage Horizontal
EH15 – Soffit Detail – Montage Horizontal
EH20a – Window Sill Detail – Montage Horizontal
EH20c – Window Head Detail – Montage Horizontal
EH20d – Window Jamb Detail with J Mould – Montage Horizontal
EH21 – Installation Setout – Montage Horizontal

Montage™ Vertical

EV2 – Wall Layout – Montage Vertical
EV6 – Meter Box Head Detail – Montage Vertical
EV7 – Window Jamb Detail – Montage Vertical
EV8 – Window Head Detail – Montage Vertical
EV9 – Window Sill Detail – Montage Vertical
EV10 – Internal Corner Detail – Montage Vertical
EV11 – External Corner Preformed – Montage Vertical
EV11a – External Corner Aluminium – Montage Vertical
EV12 – Slab Detail – Montage Vertical
EV20 – Installation Setout – Montage Vertical
EV28 – Soffit Detail – Montage Vertical

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