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Duracom™ facade fibre cement sheet is ideal for creating exterior cladding systems in low-to-medium rise buildings.

With its smooth, flat surface and square-edge finish, and utilising BGC’s trusted fibre cement-coated compressed sheeting, Duracom™ delivers a strikingly modern, durable finish.

Lightweight yet exceptionally resilient, Duracom™ façade system is perfect for expressed jointing and a variety of finishes – from painted to textured coatings.

Features & Benefits

What’s good about Duracom™ façade system:

  • Weather resistant- simply shrugs off water damage
  • Fully sealed, balanced panels won’t rot, burn or corrode
  • Allows easy decoration in a range of design finishes
  • Rapid installation


Duracom EPDM Foam Gasket
EPDM Foam Gasket
Duracom Intermediate Top Hat Galvanised Steel
Intermediate Top Hat Galvanised Steel
Duracom Primary Top Hat Galvanised Steel
Primary Top Hat Galvanised Steel
Duracom Weather Seal Facade Washer
Weather Seal Facade Washer

Size & Thickness

Thickness mm
Weight kg/m2
Width mm
Length mm

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